My Absence…

I can explain. And the photo here is a better explanation than any words that come to mind.

Aurora borealis, Kiruna, Sweden.
Aurora borealis, Kiruna, Sweden.

In Germany we have winter (Sep-Feb) and summer (Mar-Aug) semesters, but we only have classes from mid-October to early February and from mid-April to late July, which means German students enjoy two and a half months of holidays between each semester. I suppose many local students are expected to spend their time writing papers or doing internships during the long semester break but as a (lazy) international student, I somehow found myself having nothing to do – well, other than, of course, traveling and sleeping a lot.

I started traveling around Europe right after my last exam in early February, hoping to catch the aurora before it faded. In reality the northern lights don’t actually “fade”, but as the sky grows brighter, it’s usually harder to see them. However, I’m not going to write so much today, so I’ll just post some pictures here and see if you can tell where I’ve been to these past two months. I hope I’ll be back soon enough!

Feb 11
Feb 19

Feb 28

Mar 1

Mar 2

Mar 10

Mar 14

Mar 15

Mar 19
Until next time!

[Here are the answers: 1. Kiruna, Sweden; 2. Berlin; 3. Bamberg; 4. Munich; 5. Schloss Neuschswanstein, Schwangau; 6. London; 7. Glasgow; 8. Edinburgh; 9. Paris]


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