In Search of Lights (Gallery)

More than two years after my visit to Kiruna, Sweden, I’ve decided to keep my promise and post a few photos from that adventure. Looking at the pictures it feels like ages ago, but at the same time I still remember vividly everything we’d done and seen. I haven’t been back since, and I don’t know when or whether I’ll return to that surreally beautiful place, but I believe when I do, if I do, the magic will still be there.


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  1. tialuciala says:

    I can’t wait to visit Kiruna to see the lights – it’s at the top of my travel list!

    1. Véronique says:

      And I hope I can go back some day! The aurora season is coming soon, so maybe you should really consider going this year!

  2. BrigitteE says:

    I have been there years ago in the ice hotel. It was wonderful.
    Your pics are fabulous!

    1. Véronique says:

      Thanks so much, BrigitteE!

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