Life on Plöck

As promised, this post is about where I live.

My flat is situated on the busy street of Plöck, a parallel street to the south of the Hauptstraße (main street). Sitting in the heart of the city, the place would have costed me quite some money; my rent however is surprisingly low, as it belongs to the Studentenwerk, a student organization that takes care of students’ accommodation, canteens and a bunch of other things.

The pink building is Europahaus III i.e. my home!
The pink building is Europahaus III i.e. my home!

As I mentioned before, the convenient location makes it easy for me to get around – everything is within walking distance – and I’ve got everything I need in the historic town center.

The downside is that it can be quite noisy even at night. People tend to pass by when they go home drunk and they like singing aloud at 3 in the morning. But then considering the great location and low rent, I really can’t complain much.

View from my room, which is not much of a view. That bakery is really good, though, and it opens every day (yes, even on Sundays!)
View from my room… which is not much of a view. That bakery is really good, though, and it opens every day (yes, even on Sundays!)

There are two types of accommodation in my building, called Europahaus III – single apartments and shared apartments. I applied for the former and got the latter, so now I’m sharing the flat with four other students. But I’m truly grateful to be living with them as they are all very nice and interesting people. Sharing a flat means more social opportunities and what better way to learn about other cultures than living with international/local flatmates?

It would also be nice to have my own place but I do have my own room here, so privacy isn’t an issue.

My room on the first day
My room on the first day

The picture above shows how my room looked like when I arrived. Very empty and plain. But I assure you it’s very different now! I’ll post more pictures later.


Compared to single apartments, ours is a lot more spacious and we have two bathrooms, a storage, a broad hallway and a big enough kitchen with four stoves, an oven, two fridges and cupboards, plus cooking-wares! Those who know me would know that I didn’t really cook and so it’d have been more than a little difficult for me to choose and buy cooking stuff; now I cook every night and it isn’t as hard as I’d imagined with all the equipment we’ve got here.

Living+Dining room
Living+Dining room

On days when I don’t feel like cooking, there’s a variety of eateries around the block: Indian, Turkish, German, Italian… you name it. For grocery, the closest supermarket, Citymarkt, is only two minute’s walk away, but I usually go to Pennymarkt, which is a lot cheaper and is merely six minutes from my flat on the same street.

It’s safe to say that life is good on Plöck.


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