Each City a Rhapsody began as a blog (with a different name) when I first moved to Heidelberg, Germany to study and experiment with a different way of life. Initially most of the posts focused on my everyday life in the university town and my travels around Europe. Later as I relocated to Hong Kong, I decided to continue writing stories about my journeys across the globe.

In 2017, Each City a Rhapsody launched its YouTube channel, featuring my original music inspired by remarkable locations around the world. This multimedia project brings together music and photography to capture a specific mood or vibe of different cities. The first video, Morgendliches Heidelberg, goes back to the beautiful town where this site commenced and takes inspiration from Heidelberg’s tranquil mornings.

Aside from Music, most of the posts fall into three categories: Life, Travel, and Reviews. You will find pieces of memories of a simple but eventful life in Life; snapshots and stories of fascinating places in Travel; useful comments and somewhat subjective opinions in Reviews.

I hope you enjoy reading/listening to my stories, and if you have any suggestions or questions, drop me a message here!

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