Weihnachtsmarkt Reviews Coming!

A Weihnachtsmarkt or Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) is a traditional market held during the festive season (normally from late November to Christmas, depending on the city) in Germany and many other European countries. It’s definitely one of the most important and exciting events of the year – people started talking about it back in October!

Almost all major cities have one or more, and smaller towns may have an area of Christmas market booths. I’ve already visited several Weihnachtsmärkte this year and while I truly enjoyed most of them, some were a bit of a disappointment. So I’m going to rate and write a brief review on each of them and I hope they’ll give those of you who’re planning to visit the markets an idea what they’re like! Stay tuned!

Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt – Kornmarkt
Heidelberger Weihnachtsmarkt – Kornmarkt

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