Zoo Reviews to Come!

I’ve always wanted to do zoo reviews. Now, before you tell me, “Zoos are horrible! Animals shouldn’t be caged!” I agree. I absolutely agree that wild animals don’t belong in cages, and that safaris are a better way for us humans to observe them in their natural habitats.

Polar bear at Tennoji Zoo, Osaka

But I also believe that zoos have their values, that they can contribute to the preservation and protection of animals. While many zoos are, unfortunately, profit-driven, others provide a home for animals that for various reasons can’t return to nature, study them and educate the public (these are often known as sanctuaries for animals, where their welfare is the topmost priority). And some zoos, while being profit-driven, try to balance their business and corporate responsibility by investing in research and making sure their animals live happily and healthily.

As an animal lover I almost never miss an opportunity to visit a zoo/sanctuary/safari/aquarium wherever I go, unless that particular place has an especially bad reputation (e.g. the Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China, which is an absolutely disgusting place – please look at this petition). So over the years I’ve been to quite a number of them, some of which I’d love to revisit, while some were really not worth it and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to go unless they improve their treatments of the animals. So here I’d love to share my experience and hope these reviews will be useful for you when you plan your zoo days!


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