Sun at Last

I’m well aware of my promise about updating more frequently – what I wasn’t aware of was how fast time had been flying.

During the past couple of months, I spent most of my time studying and the rest traveling…

The river was running rapidly.
It has finally stopped raining, or has it? (Würzburg, Jun 7, 2013)

Ha, nope, I was kidding. Whenever I wasn’t sleeping, I was trying to avoid cooking and watching movies while waiting for the rain to stop, which didn’t happen until last week. I still have a few classes but it’s nothing intense.

So how did I manage to almost completely forget about the blog (I’m sincerely sorry!) with so much time at home? Well, I started writing a novel for pure entertainment and that had taken away most of my time and focus for a while. A few friends also visited me so I did travel quite a bit; right now, Leona, a friend from Hong Kong, is still here and we’ll be going to Berlin on Monday, so I thought the blog could use some update before I disappear again.

Perhaps it was really my luck, we had the longest winter in Europe in years, then we had over a whole month of rain straight. Just a week ago, people were still wearing sweaters, fluffy coats and winter boots. Maggie told me it’d snowed in her hometown, too, and it was already late May. This much rain naturally caused another huge flood, and this time, Germany’s worst flood in 70 years!

The weather was surprisingly good while my four friends were visiting, though. Before the rain started, Evelyn and I got to spend half a day in Luxembourg and it was more beautiful than we had expected. Then Melissa and Jacqueline came last week for a day, which was the only sunny day in a while; once they left, it started pouring again. Leona arrived right after the sky cleared and so far she (and I) have exclaimed more than a dozen times “this place is way too beautiful!” Even though the Neckar still appeared muddy and dirty, the blue sky really made up for it.


Dirty water but beautiful sky.
Dirty river with beautiful sky

Although it’s stopped raining, the water level is still fairly high. When we went to Würzburg yesterday, we were surprised to find the riverside park partially flooded.

All flooded.
All flooded
It was still a nice day :)
It was still a nice day 🙂

All right, I guess that’s it for today. Good night!


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  1. William Boulton says:

    beautiful, glad I found your blog, I was born and raised in Heidelberg, seeing your pictures bring back memories, haven’t been back since 1983.

    1. Véronique says:

      Come back then, where are you now? I don’t think a lot has changed here but it’s always worth a visit 🙂

  2. William Boulton says:

    Live in South Florida, been here since my wife and I moved back, trying to plan a vacation in the near future, my brother lives in Leimen outside of town and I have a Uncle that lives downtown heidelberg (Poststraße

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