Rainy Paris

Gong hei fat choi! We have a long weekend for CNY, so to kickstart the Year of the Rooster, I thought I’d finish another piece, a theme and variations inspired by a rainy day in Paris.

In this video there are only two variations; I’d like to think of the theme as a light shower, which develops into a quick, heavy storm at the first variation. It slows to a drizzle and eventually the sun comes out during the second variation in G major.

Originally there were two more variations but they are pretty long, so I decided not to include them in this video. One of them is quite similar to the theme with more running notes; while the other one sounds quite different and could stand as a single piece. If anyone’s interested I may complete and upload them in the future! For now, please enjoy:


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  1. bearjs112 says:

    Sehr schön, Dankeschön 🙂


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